I have two elder brothers and one younger one: Daan. Because of his multiple disabilities, he is, and always will be dependent on the care of other people. Though taking care of him isn’t a burden since he is a pleasure to have around, utterly cheerful and sweet. He is always in for a joke, a walk or a (alcohol free) beer. At times though, it is hard to guess his thoughts or feelings since the possibilities to communicate are limited.
I often take his picture, in away to get closer. His archive is growing and I am slowly starting to search for a way to tell his story.

Note: the images shown on this page are a selection of work

Daan I Nijmegen (NL) 2022

His main pillars, mama & papa. 

Daan is born deaf and mentally handicaped . In 2002 he became a cochlear implant (CI). This CI provides him with sound perception. In the years after that, he had to be hospitalized because of psychothic fases. This ended up with him being daignosed with manic-depression disorder. During the same period he was diagnosed with an onknown autoimmune disease of the eyes. Till now he lost his vision up to 70%. Since the winter of 2022, he is using a blind can. For already a few years now, he is in a slow process of learing tactile signlanguage.



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